Dundee continues economic boom with Fiat plant

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

DUNDEE, MI (WTOL) - The Village of Dundee in Monroe County continues a decade of economic growth with a $179 million investment made official last week by Chrysler/Fiat.

The Swan Creek Candle Store opened in 1997 when Dundee was a quiet southeast Michigan village.

Cabela's kicked off the business and job boom. Hotels, restaurants, and stores followed in the outdoor retailer's footsteps at the intersection of US-23 and Route 50.

Fiat will begin manufacturing a new engine in Dundee at the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance plant, creating 155 new jobs for local hires. Village officials say the plant will boost the collection of personal and property taxes.

The new factory is a result of what could be called the "Cabela's Effect."

"I think what it did is made developers and companies stand up and take notice of Dundee," said Village Administrator Patrick Burtch.

Owner of the Swan Creek Candle Store, Ann Albright, expects the engine factory to have a similar effect. "You know, maybe one or two restaurants. More homes sold. Other businesses will lead. That just mushrooms into other people locating here."

Burtch says several other companies are interested in expanding in the area sometime in the next two years.

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