Non-profit group brings military members home for Christmas

By Justin Michaels - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Alex Flanner arrived home for the holidays from New Mexico, where he is stationed in the Air Force, with help from an organization called  Let's Bring 'em Home.

"You don't exactly get paid that much, and flights home for the holidays can go from $500 to $600, which is practically a whole pay check for me," said Flanner.

The non-profit organization helps military men and women get home for the holidays for free. They accept 10 applicants a day.

"I went to the website and kept refreshing it and refreshing it and refreshing it, until finally an application came up," said Flanner.

His application was approved and a ticket was purchased in his name.

Money for tickets is raised through donations.

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