Toledo's 4 National Amusement Theaters in transition

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo's four National Amusement Theaters might have a new owner.

Last week, The Blade ran a story saying an agreement had been reached to sell 35 theaters to Rave Motion Pictures in Dallas.

Indeed, a Waterville man says he was turned away when he tried to buy a gift card from the theater at Fallen Timbers.

"When I went to go in, an employee came to the door asked me if I was there to see a movie and I told him I was there to buy a gift card and he told me the theater had changed hands and that I would not be able to buy a gift card tonight," said Scott Yoder.

The theater at Levis Commons in Perrysburg was closed for the evening as was the theater at Fallen Timbers, so there have been no comments from these venues.

However, the news is that any gift cards purchased up until Thursday night will be honored by the new owners.

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