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Fun facts about Oak Harbor, Ohio

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Interesting facts about Oak Harbor:

1) Village founded in 1835.  Known as Hartford until name changed to Oak Harbor in 1863. 
2) Village will celebrate its 175th birthday next year (2010). 
3) In the mid and late 1800's, the Portage River was used for both freight and passenger boats. 
4) The 3 globe downtown street lights, on Water Street, were first installed in 1914. (New, but similar in style, were installed in 1983/1984) 
5) Colored globes on the downtown lights for Christmas were first used in 1927.  The Christmas trees on the light poles were added in 1947.

Some happenings in Oak Harbor's past:


Jan.01.1873 – Mylander's Hall dedicated.  Eph. Gordon , Old Bowan, & Gates furnish music.  Momeny & Ellis refreshments.  E. M. Hunt floor manager.  (East part of present NAPA)

Jan.01.1982 – Henry Brooks is first Oak Harbor Village Administrator.

Jan.01.1986 – Last public appearance  of "Pete and the Boys"  Band consists of Pete Macko, Jerry Wittman, Gary Macko, Steve Bast, Mark Wilkins, Lee Harder.  

Jan.04.1886 – Village Council grants permission to lay pipe within the village to the Oak Harbor Natural Gas Company.

Jan.04.2004 – Peter J. Macko, age 71 dies.  Served on Village Council, as Mayor of Oak Harbor, and was "Santa Claus" for the Village children for over 30 years.

Jan.06.1930 – Nahmy Bassett, founder of Bassett IGA, dies. Age 69.

Jan.09.1834 – Washington Gordon born in Harris Township.  Founder of the Gordon Lumber Company.

Jan.22.1900 – Keubeler Hotel Grand Opening.  Building & furnishings cost $50,000. K of P Band in full uniform furnished music. J.B. Ward, well known to the traveling public, is the landlord.

Jan.22/23.1904 – Ice jam at the Portage River wagon bridge causes flooding in Oak Harbor in the Oak/Ottawa/Main and Locust Street area.  Damage is caused in the basement of the Kuebeler Hotel.   Several pilings on the W&LE bridge are cut and bridge is 8 inches out of line.

Jan.25.1898 – The afternoon sleet storm broke one of the electric lights.   John Labenthal, proprietor of the electric light plant fixed it.

Jan.25/27.1978 – Blizzard hits Oak Harbor, as well as rest of Northwest Ohio. 

Jan.29.1921 – Nehl's Orchestra is playing at the Armory.  "The only dance in town."


Feb.1903 – First National Bank of Oak Harbor founded by the Kuebeler family of Sandusky.  $25,000 in capital.  (Bank will cease to exist during the Depression.)

Feb.00.1958 – Dwyer Funeral Home at 301 Locust Street is sold to Clifford Crosser.

Feb.06/07.1996 – Town Hall is demolished. 

Feb.07.1853 – First Cleveland & Toledo passenger train comes through Oak Harbor.

Feb.09.1928 – The Liberty Glass Company on Houghton Street burns.  $40,000 loss. Loss of 10 jobs.

Feb.12.1839 – U.S. Post Office named "Ottawa" is established in the village of Hartford.  Adolphus Kraemer is appointed Postmaster. 

Feb.14.1988 – Open House for Oakwood Manor, senior citizen housing complex on Benton Street.

Feb.17.1898 – Miss Watts, at central station, reports that there were over 700 telephone calls made.  This is a normal day.

Feb.19.1875 – Newspaper article said Oak Harbor to have $700.00 hearse.

Feb.23.1998 – First day for Rite Aid at location west of the railroad tracks.

Feb.28.1871 – Old Kraemer Mill owned by Washington Gordon & Brothers burns with a lumber loss of $5,000.

Feb.28.1999 – Rainbow Acres Educational Daycare Center Open House at 130 North Locust Street.  Run by Francine Weirich.


Mar.1958 – Newly remodeled and renovated funeral home is opened as Crosser Funeral Home.  Formally the Dwyer Funeral Home. 

Mar.04.1996 – Village Council votes to do away with parking meters.   Meters were first installed in June, 1952.

Mar.04/05.1930 – Inter-Society Play held at the Town Hall.  A 3 act play called "Take My Advice"

Mar.06.1878 – Grocery owned by John Burhold is paid $4.27 by Village for feeding tramps.

Mar.07.1887 – Village Ordinance allows the People's Natural Gas Company to lay pipe in the village.

Mar.07.1923 – Northwestern Ohio Railway & Power (interurban) Car #20 derails and destroys the south span of the bridge across the Portage River.

Mar.12.1872 – First Lake Shore & Michigan Southern passenger train comes through Oak Harbor on the old abandoned roadbed of the Cleveland & Toledo Railroad.  Event toasted at 12 downtown saloons.

Mar.13.1975 – Oak Harbor went off the bus communications route as Buckeye Stages makes last run from Marblehead, via Oak Harbor, to Toledo.  Only bus line serving the village.

Mar.13.1982 – Portage River rose to the bottom of the Ohio 19 bridge due to ice jam in river, but traffic was maintained.

Mar.14.1988 – Groundbreaking for new VFW Post 8732 building on Main Street.

Mar.16.1909 – Last dance of the season at Vogel's Hall.  Wideman's  Orchestra to play.

Mar.21.1877 – Michael Thierwechter, Elmore, Ohio, moves his general merchandise business to a Locust Street location in Oak Harbor.

Mar.23.1944 – Oak Harbor Library burns and suffers water damage.  Up to 8,000 books damaged.  Upstairs apartment completely burns. 

Mar.26.1991 – Oak trees planted at Veteran's Park to create Mayor's Grove. 

Mar.27.1863 – Name of Hartford village is changed by decree of the Ottawa County Court of Common Pleas to Oak Harbor.

Mar.27.1947 – Clinton Fehlhaber, photographer, starts his business upstairs at 152 West Water Street.  

Mar.28.1864 – St. Paul American Lutheran (County Road 17) with 23 members is organized.  Meeting at Roose School and Hartford School. 


Apr.1990 – Magruder Hospital announces the opening of its Oak Harbor Medical Office Building.  The new 3,500 sq ft facility is located on the west side of Oak Harbor adjacent to the Zimmerman-Kreager Dental Offices and the BCS Administrative Offices.

Apr.01.1960 – It will cost 25 cents more for haircuts today.  According to John Parker, the price in Oak Harbor and Elmore shops will be $1.50.

Apr.06.1835 – Village of Hartford is platted.  Recorded at the Sandusky County Court House in Fremont, Ohio.

Apr.06.1894  - Bell Clothing House narrowly escaped fire.  A small fire was found and extinguished in the west chimney. 

Apr.06.1935 – The Modernette Gift Shoppe opens on south side of Water Street in rooms formerly occupied by Sharpes Beauty Shoppe & Fehr's Millinery.

Apr.08/09.1898 – Hoedt Sisters Millinery opens in the Thierwechter Building.

Apr.09.1894 – E. Thierwechter & Co. take 500 bushels of wheat at their elevator.

Apr.09.1898 – "Faugh-A-Ballagh", a two masted sailing vessel, started its first trip of the season.  It took 150,000 staves and 22,000 sets of headings for the Islands.  She will take a load of ties to Put-In-Bay for Hotel Victory Company and return with a load of stones.

Apr.11.1949 – John A. Fader Post #114, American Legion, buys building on Park Street from the Synod of Ohio of the United Lutheran Church in America.

Apr.13.1985 – Last day of business for The Portage Store.

Apr.15.1947 – First Street in Oak Harbor is officially vacated.   (Street was off of Locust Street between Mill Street and the Portage River.)

Apr.18.1949 – Blaze of incendiary origin destroys Ottawa County Co-op Elevator. Loss of $43,459.00.

Apr.19.1927 – The 6th annual concert given by the Oak Harbor Choral Society is at 8:00 at the Opera House.

Apr.20.1885 – Bill presented at Rocky Ridge Council by Oak Harbor Mayor W.  W. Ward for $12.00 for Oak Harbor Fire Department help at the Rocky Ridge fire of October 30, 1884.

Apr.21.1791 – Joseph Wardlow, speculator that first bought land in the later named Hartford area, is born in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Apr.21.1871 – First edition of The Exponent published.  R. Stanbery, Editor & Publisher.  A weekly newspaper independent in politics.   $2.00 a year in advance. 

Apr.21.1900 – Philip Kramb & Sons form The Kramb Company.  $20,000 capital. 

Apr.27.1891 – Michael Thierwechter dies.  Owner & Founder of The Thierwechter General Store.

Apr.29.1995 – Asher Bros. Auto Parts store last day in Oak Harbor.

Apr.30.1984 – First day for the Curiosity Shoppe at its new location at 160 West Water Street.


May.01.1871 – Notice is hereby given.  All persons indebted to the undersigned, either by book account or note, are requested to pay by the 15th of June, otherwise the notes and accounts will be left with the Justice of the Peace for collection.  I will sell my goods as cheap as anyone in town, but hereafter, I shall sell for cash only.  Have trusted too much already. – H.H. Mylander.

May.03.1895 – Oak Harbor Basket Company, founded by Stephen Fetterly, opens on the north bank of the Portage River, east of Locust Street, in Oak Harbor.

May.07.1977 – Luckey Farmers take management control of Oak Harbor Co-op.

May.08.1945 – V-E Day (Victory in Europe.)

May.17.1889 – Portage River, east of Oak Harbor, burned.  100 cord of wood at Fetterly & Eisenhour destroyed.

May.24.1887 – Oak Harbor State Bank founded by the Adelbert L. Spitzer and Ceilan M. Sptitzer  of Toledo.  $25,000 capital.

May.25.1894 – The county dredge is currently dredging the West Bayou aka Big Bayou. (This is by the cemetery.)

May.27.1840 – Permanent county seat of government given to Port Clinton by letter left with Court of Common Pleas.

May.28.1894 – Memorial Day services are held at St. Paul Lutheran.  Rev. Linder (St. Paul) gives service in German.  Rev. Winter (M.E. Methodist) gives service in English.

May.28.1913 – The directors of the Oak Harbor Fruit Company meet with W&LE railroad officials to select site of their new fruit house.  It is to be built on the railroad's ground east of the tracks between Main & Oak Streets.

May.28.2001 – Veteran's Circle at Union Cemetery is dedicated. 

May.30.1907 – Aschbacker's High School Band poses for picture on Water Street in front of The Carl Sperling home. 

May.31.1932 – Last Wheeling & Lake Erie passenger train comes through Oak Harbor.


Jun.1950 – Dr. Robert W. Minick, M.D. opens his new medical practice above the Happy Hour Inn.

Jun.01.1887 – First Oak Harbor Public School Commencement ceremony held at the Methodist Church.

Jun.01.1950 – Sick Room Equipment Loan Closet is opened by the American Legion Auxiliary.

Jun.01.1993 – Harbor Lite Baton Corp. founded.  Girls ages 5-14.

Jun.03.2004 – Groundbreaking and Order of Blessing for Covenant Harbor.  Senior citizen housing on Finke Road.

Jun.05.1866 – As of this date, Ranson Heath will have a fresh stock of groceries, dry goods, and provisions.

Jun.07.1869 – St. John Lutheran Church is officially organized.  

Jun.08.1918 – At the Royal Theatre. The final episode of "The Fatal Ring" featuring Pearl White.  Also other features.  Admission 5 cents children; 10 cents adult.  Add War Tax.

Jun.09.1848 – Joseph Wardlow, speculator that first bought land in the later named Hartford area, dies in Fulton County, Indiana. 

Jun.09.1871 – Dr. John A. McKinnon, M.D., age 26 yr. 2 m. 6 days, died of consumption at the residence of his father-in-law A. Kraemer, Esq. 

Jun.10.1963 – Ayling & Reichert Company, Lucas County, starts production.  Equipment has been here since May.

Jun.12.1863 – "Portage Oswego" built at Hartford in 1862 made its first trip this year on the Portage River.  In fine condition.

Jun.14/15.1991 – Oak Harbor Fire Department hosts the North West Ohio Volunteer Fire Department's 117th annual convention.  2 hour parade held in 90 degree plus weather.

Jun.17.1810 – Adolphus Kraemer is born Gottingen, Germany.   Will be instrumental in the development and growth of the Village of Oak Harbor.

Jun.20.1882 – Village Council grants a railroad right-of-way to the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad.  It basically follows Center Street through the Village.

Jun.24.1918 – Orville Brough leaves with the Selective Draft.  The American Express Company is turned over to George Foreman for rest of month.  After that there will be one Express Company, presumably under charge of the government.  

Jun.25.1902 – Washington Gordon, age 68, dies.  Founder of the Gordon Lumber Company.

Jun.26.1867 – "Mary Berkhart" launched.  Largest boat yet built along the Portage River. 125' long by 28' wide.   137' mast.

Jun.30.1995 – McDonald's opens at 10:00 A.M.  for first day of business.


Jul.1899 – J. Weller Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, moves to Oak Harbor and will start processing tomatoes this month.

Jul.1946 – The old O.P.S. interurban span across the Portage River is being dismantled.

Jul.1967 – First school board meeting of the newly consolidated Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District.   Lester Sprouse, Earl Moore, Dr. Robert Minick, Carmon Norwine, Eldon Leow.

Jul.01.1916 – Company M leaves Oak Harbor for the Mexico.

Jul.02.1934 – National Bank of Oak Harbor is formed.   $347,781.33 in assets, 72 stockholders, and 2 employees.  Employees being Rollin Gratop and Odessa Campbell.

Jul.02.1994 – First "Old Tyme" Celebration.  Fireworks on the Portage River bank.  Show had 200 shots and lasted 30 minutes.

Jul.03.1994 – At 12:00 noon, the new bridge across the Portage River is now to be known as "Veteran's Memorial Bridge".

Jul.04.1870 – The "B.F. Ferris" under Captain Geo. Ellithorpe makes an excursion from Oak Harbor to Sandusky. 

Jul.04.1969 – Village is hit with 100 MPH winds and 9-10 inches of rain.  Most streets are blocked by fallen trees.  State of Emergency is called by Mayor Palmer and National Guard is called in to clear the streets and direct sightseers.

Jul.05.1906 – Village passes Ordinance #147 that intends to govern speed of vehicles of gasoline, steam, electricity, & compressed air.

Jul.10.1867 – Big fight between "bummer" named Edward King & a ship's carpenter.  Words exchanged & blows thrown.  Other parties entered and it became a general fight.

Jul.10.1993 – At 12:00 noon, the W.R.Thomas Store closes.

Jul.11.1939 – Last passenger run through Oak Harbor on the O.P.S. (Ohio Public Service interurban railway)

Jul.15.1988 – Last public dance at Armory by Legacy.  Pete Macko, Norm Witt, Gary Gruenke also there playing as a reunion of "Pete & the Boys"

Jul.17.1892 – George Bredehoft born.  Known as "Old Timer" for the articles on history of the Village he wrote in the Exponent. 

Jul.18.1988 – Demolition of Oak Harbor Armory begins.

Jul.20.1899 – "Post Boy" excursion to Lakeside.  Round trip fare for adults, 50 cents.  Children ages 8-12, 15 cents.  Leaves Oak Harbor at 7:30 standard and returns at 3:30 standard.

Jul.22.1930 – Village Council authorizes Mayor and clerk to sign a five-year lease for the Sutter Building on Water Street to be used as a fire engine house, meeting place for the firemen, and storage for the street equipment.

Jul.23.1924 – 10 people from Attica, Ohio killed at the Locust Street railroad crossing returning from an all day outing at Locust Point.

Jul.29.1933 – S.P. "Sim" Bell moves his cigar factory to Locust Street.  S.P. Bell Cigar Mfg., Factory No. 20, 10th District, Ohio.

Jul.29.1987 – O.L. Teagarden, age 95, dies.  Ran the J. Weller Company, Mayor of Oak Harbor, Co-founder of the National Bank of Oak Harbor, Ohio Turnpike Commission member.

Jul.30.1991 – Ohio Department of Transportation officially opens its Oak Harbor $2.4 million garage on South Railroad Street.  Building is next to the existing garage that was built in 1937.

Jul.31.1938 – Dr. W.R. Gibson, M.D. treated injured people from the New York Central Railroad's Mercury which was rear ended by the Commander near Rocky Ridge.


Aug.1968 – Dr. Donald L. Zimmerman, D.D.S. opens his dental office in the Medical Building on Route 163, east of Oak Harbor.

Aug.01.1914 – Articles of Incorporation for the Oak Harbor Co-op Company are drawn up.

Aug.01.1914 – First annual meeting of the Ottawa County League of Ohio Sportsmen held at Bredehoft's Grove.  Enterprize Band provided music. Procession that evening in town.

Aug.01.1920  – John A. Fader American Legion Post 114 receives charter.

Aug.01.1946 – Robinson Funeral Home is established by Glenn and Mary Robinson.

Aug.01.1983 – Oak Harbor Church of the United Brethren in Christ is founded.  (Shoreline Church)

Aug.02.1977 George Bredehoft died.  Known as "Old Timer" for the articles on history of the Village he wrote in the Exponent.

Aug.04.1939 – Oak Harbor and Port Clinton agreement is forged to have the Village buy its drinking water from the City of Port Clinton.

Aug.04/05.1894 – Fire destroys entire south side of Water Street from the railroad to Church Street.   Buildings destroyed included H.H. Mylander Stave Sheds, L.D. Link Carriage and Blacksmith shops, the Portage House hotel, Dr. Heller's residence.  On the north side of the same block, John Reed's house, furniture store, and a large stock of farming implements destroyed.  Both Fremont & Toledo send fire engines on the W&LE to help fight the fire.

Aug.05.1994 – Clifford Herbert, principal of Oak Harbor High School for 21 years, dies. 

Aug.08/09.1872 – The "B.F. Ferris" makes a trip from Oak Harbor to Detroit.  Fare is $1.50.  The Elmore Brass Band played on the boat. 

Aug.09.1896 – The regular Sunday evening services in church were dispensed with due to excessive heat.

Aug.10.1957 – Al & Leah Van Atta have grand opening for their new Dairy Queen.

Aug.12.1977 – First reaction at the Davis Bessie Nuclear Generating Station.

Aug.13.1955 – Bark Inn on State Route 2 destroyed within 35 minutes by fire.  $35,000 loss. 

Aug.13.1985 – Nehls' Market closes.  (Small grocery store run by Carol Nehls.)

Aug.13.2009 – National Bank of Oak Harbor celebrating its 75th Anniversary with stockholder meeting and meal.  Announces 3 for 2 stock split.

Aug.15.1882 – First Wheeling & Lake Erie train through Oak Harbor.  Went from Toledo to Valley Junction in N.E. Tuscarawas County.

Aug.15.1914 – The new 3 globe downtown street lights are lighted for the first time.  The single globe lights down East Water Street, privately paid for, are also lighted.

Aug.15.1945 – Oak Harbor celebrates V-J Day (Victory over Japan).  People stood in the streets.  Church bells rang. 

Aug.16.1885 – Adolphus Kraemer dies at age 75.  Was instrumental in the development and growth of the Village of Oak Harbor. 

Aug.17.1988 – Ground breaking for Mid County EMS building on Washington Street.

Aug.19.1964 – First day of business, Bassett IGA, at its new location next to the railroad tracks.

Aug.20/21/22/23.1965 – First Ottawa County Fair is held at Oak Harbor's Veteran's Park.

Aug.20/25.1914 – Lincoln Chautauqua.   Admission is $1.50 for all 6 days.  Tent is behind the High School, set up by Russell Bordeaux and 12 helpers.

Aug.22.1969 – A&P Grocery Store closes.

Aug.23.1963 – Fire at Myca Products on Mill Street.  Plant is destroyed.  Crews from Elmore, Rocky Ridge, Fremont, & Port Clinton assist Oak Harbor Fire Department.

Aug.24.1879 – St. Paul Lutheran (in Village) organized.  Purchases a small frame church on the corner of Ottawa & Toussaint Streets.

Aug.26.1908 – Oak Harbor Day at Cedar Point.  Given by Oak Harbor business people and surrounding country.  All business houses closed.  Fare is 50 cents on the T.P.C.&L. with steamer "Wherle" going to Cedar Point dock.  Music by Oak Harbor Band.  Cars leave O.H. at 8:00 A.M. Std. Time and boat leaves Cedar Point dock at 8:00 P.M. Standard.

Aug.28.1904 – First revenue passengers cross the Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway's Portage River bridge in Oak Harbor.   A steam excursion for a baseball game in Port Clinton.

Aug.28.1977 – First electric power generated by the Davis Bessie Nuclear Generating Station is feed into the grid.

Aug.30.1987 – Dedication and Open House for new Oak Harbor Public Library.  New 75' x 75' brick building.  Sally Burmeister, Director;  Patricia Mensing, Assistant Director.


Sep.1883 – Fire destroys Otto Schimansky Blacksmith Shop & Wagon Works at corner of Water and Locust Streets , also the A. Kramer Building and The Exponent Building on Locust Street.

Sep.1968 – The old O.P.S. (Ohio Public Service) interurban station on the Southwest corner of Water & Church Streets is torn down to make way for a parking lot.

Sep.1989 – Ground broken for the Oak Harbor Medical Center.

Sep.01.1895 – Anspach Bros. Mill burns down.  $16,000 loss with no insurance.  (Mill & stave factory on the Portage River on Water Street west of Toussaint Street.)

Sep.03.1993 – New bridge across the Portage River is dedicated at 11:00 A.M.   Opens to the public at 11:50 A.M. Bridge cost $1,400,000. 

Sep.04.1896 – The county dredge is currently dredging the East Bayou aka Hartford Bayou.  (This was where McDonalds is now.)

Sep.04.1984 – Joseph DeMarco, age 79, dies.  He was part owner of the Oak Harbor Livestock Yard & Sales.

Sep.08.1876 – Mrs. Mary Tschumy's furniture store burns.   Louis Tschumy & Ed Brand, sleeping upstairs, jump out window sans clothes.  Charles Hoelsle's building burns due to burst hoses.  Post Office building saved.  Mr. Rice moves all his stock out and suffers greatly from sneak thieves who are always out at fires.

Sep.10.1988 – 1976 US Bicentennial gazebo moved from Veteran's Park to Flat Iron Park.

Sep.11.1917 – The 1917 season for the Ezra Fetterman Cider Mill starts.

Sep.18.1977 – Oak Harbor Municipal Building dedicated.  Mayor Willard Bloom speaks and cuts the ribbon.   Oak Harbor Band furnishes music.  Building cost $168,000.00.

Sep.26.1985 – Groundbreaking ceremony for new addition to R.C.  Waters Elementary School.  Addition to have new cafeteria, kitchen, three kindergarten rooms, an office for the Speech & Hearing Therapist, computer room, teacher's lounge, storage room, and boiler room.

Sep.26.2009 – Mid County EMS holds Open House to celebrate 30th Anniversery.

Sep.27/28.1892 – The 41st Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, holds a reunion in Oak Harbor.

Sep.27/28/29/30.1961 – Oak Harbor Fall Fair.  Sponsored by Oak Harbor Businessmen's Association.


Oct.1918 – Oak Harbor Board of Health closes all churches, schools, dance halls, pool halls, and picture shows due to Spanish Influenza.  (The influenza lasts through the 1918-1919 winter.)

Oct.1932 – "Hartford Portage Bridge" is dedicated during the first Oak Harbor Fall Fair.  Ohio Governor George White in attendance.  Clara Lou Carstensen cuts the ribbon.

Oct.1979 – First Apple Festival held.

Oct.01.1944 – Al Van Atta purchases ice cream store from Stan Mylander.

Oct.02/03/04.1867 – County Fair held at Oak Harbor

Oct.03.1870 - Oak Harbor Fair starts.

Oct.03.1997 – Official Oak Harbor Flag is first publically presented at the Oak Harbor Rocket Football Homecoming game.  Designed by Jim Recker.

Oct.04.1946 – Parade of WWII Veterans held in Oak Harbor.   Governor Frank Lausche and others attend.

Oct.04/05.1968 – Faunces have grand opening at their new location at 142 West Water Street.

Oct.06.1908 – Oak Harbor Public Library first opens.  Located in South West corner of the Town Hall.  Chloe Colloff is librarian. 

Oct.10.1945 – The "Mary Jane" makes the last freight run through Oak Harbor on the O.P.S. (Ohio Public Service interurban railway)

Oct.10.2009 – Dedication of Adolphus Kraemer Park.  Named in honor of Adolphus Kraemer who was instrumental in the early development of the Village of Oak Harbor.

Oct.11/12.2003 – Ohio Bicentennial bell is cast at the Apple Festival.  Bell is 250 pounds and 2 feet tall.  Chimes "E".  Bell to be stored in Oak Harbor for first year.  (Now is permanently mounted inside the Ottawa County Court House.

Oct.12.1892 – Oak Harbor celebrates the 400th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the new world.  President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate this day.

Oct.12.1986 – Grace Baptist Church is officially founded.

Oct.12/13/14.1932 – First Oak Harbor Fall Fair is put on by the Oak Harbor Businessmen's Association.  New Portage River bridge is dedicated during the fair.

Oct.13.1988 – Fred's Fine Beef opens at 141 West Water Street.  Run by Fred & Elaine Conley.

Oct.13/14/15.1869 – Fair at Oak Harbor

Oct.13.2006 – Ohio State University Marching Band performs at Oak Harbor High School football game.  6,600 fans see a display of the famous Script Ohio.

Oct.15.1918 – Sergeant John A. Fader dies in France.  (American Legion Post 114 is named in is honor.)

Oct.16.1874 – George D. Smith, photographer, is born.  He will serve the village for close to 50 years.  (Gallery is remembered located in the house that is still standing at 224 West Water Street.)

Oct.16.2008 – Gordon Lumber Company, Oak Harbor yard closes. 

Oct.17.1901 – Articles of Incorporation for The Thierwechter Company.  $50,000 capital.  (Will become the largest general store between Toledo, Sandusky, and Norwalk.)

Oct.18.1970 – Louis "L.L." Carstensen dies.  Served 14 years as Mayor and 23 years as head of the Light & Water Department.

Oct.18/19.1952 – Company D, Ohio National Guard holds a reunion in Oak Harbor

Oct.19.1894 – Athenaeum Literary Society of the High School holds a reunion.

Oct.26.1853 – Township buys 1 70/100 acres of land west of Oak Harbor for use as a burial ground.

Oct.31.1903 – Boys out enjoying frolic of Halloween.  All store windows are well soaped, many small buildings tipped over & everything loose scattered about.  No damage is done & only regret of grownup folks is they can't go back to their youth & enjoy the pranks again themselves.

Oct.31.1921 – 2nd Annual Mask Halloween Carnival. 400 people masked and 5,000 in crowd.  Band stand moves to edge of street for band and judges.  Each electric light post, Church to Locust, is wrapped in crepe paper in colors appropriate to the Halloween season.


Nov.02.1913 – Football at 2:30 at Yeisley Field.  Admission is 25 cents, ladies free.  Fultons of Toledo vs. Oak Harbor City Team.

Nov.06/07/08.1958 – Grand Opening of the expanded Pittman Store.  Have expanded to the east in the old W.H. Hetrick store.

Nov.08.1886 – Lehr Bros., Fremont, put gas lamp in front of Town Hall.  Gas  to be supplied by Oak Harbor Natural Gas Company for $6.00 per year.

Nov.09.2002 – Groundbreaking at 11:00 A.M. for the Log Cabin in the old Town Hall lot.

Nov.11.1870 – G.A. Kraemer commissioned as a Justice of Peace.

Nov.15.1913 – White Sewing Machine demonstration at Evert & Gillette.  Stock furniture, organs, pianos, bicycles, and picture framing supplies.

Nov.16.1971 – Oak Harbor 1% Income Tax takes effect.

Nov.22/23.1968 – DDM Sales & Service Grand Opening.  Run by Dennis Sandrock, Dale Thorbahn, Marvin Sandrock.

Nov.24.1879 – Village Ordinance #6, just passed, calls for all able-bodied men to give 2 days a year to the Village Street Department.

Nov.26.1872 – A fire destroys a new 2 story frame building owned by W.W. Ward that is used as a billiard saloon. (Northwest corner of Water & Locust Streets)

Nov.26.1950 – Aerial view of Oak Harbor is published in Toledo Blade

Nov.28.1872 – Livery of Floro & Jones burns down.  Building owned by Chas. Vogel.

Nov.28.2007 – Art Whaley, age 91, dies.  Former welder, millwright, fire chief, and community volunteer.  Had a role in forming the Portage Fire District.

Nov.30.1975 – Oak  Harbor Alliance Chapel is officially organized. 


Dec.1967 – Oak Harbor Historical Marker placed on State Route 163 It reads "Oak Harbor, Oak timber was shipped from this harbor to world ports".

Dec.01.1858 – Last Cleveland & Toledo train through Oak Harbor. The line to be abandoned. 

Dec.01.1900 – H.H. Mylander has purchased and is now running the Oak Harbor Electric Light Plant.  He supplies 23 arc lights to Village and 700 incandescent lights to businesses and dwellings.  At present lights shut off at midnight.

Dec.01/02/02.1967 – Grand Opening of Tri Motor Sales, south of Oak Harbor on State Route 19.

Dec.02.1887 – Ad in the Oak Harbor Press.    Soft coal for blacksmithing supplied by John Berley.  Leave all orders at the Portage House.

Dec.02.1887 – GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Troutman Post #168 to meet on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every mouth.

Dec.02/03.2000 –  Norwine – Ballantyne Productions, with Class A Dance Studio, presents The Nutcracker at the High School.  60 cast members portraying 100 characters.

Dec.05.1980 – J. Weller Company is sold to David Hille. 

Dec.06.1973 – Oak Harbor State Bank Company has formal opening of its new building on the Southwest corner of Water & Church Streets.

Dec.07.1941 – The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor is announced at a Matinee showing of "Gone With The Wind" at the Royal Theatre.

Dec.10.1898 – George Gosline moves his Oak Harbor Press newspaper into a new office next to the Post Office on West Water Street.  (newspaper office is 218 West Water St.)

Dec.10.1965 – The Ottawa ASCA County Office and the Soil Conservation Office move into new quarters at 149 Church Street, the former food locker plant.

Dec.14.1899 – On and after this date, the grist mill at Oak Harbor, "The Oak Harbor Mill" will be run and managed by Wm. DeLong.  Flour will be known as "Volksfriend" of "Folks Friend"

Dec.19.1989 – First meeting of the Sons of American Legion.

Dec.21.2001 – Grand Re-opening of The Exponent in their new location at 158 West Water Street.

Dec.23.1988 – Mid County EMS makes first run from its new Washington Street building.

Dec.23/24.1958 – Anderson Boat Company is destroyed by fire.

Dec.24.1883 – Earliest known picture of Water Street is taken by photographer Jacob Hoover. 

Dec.24.1967 – Nick Stevens dies.

Dec.28.1987 – Savings of America closes.  Had been in Oak Harbor for 9 years.

Dec.29.1915 – Dedication ceremony for Oak Harbor Armory.

Dec.31.1946 – Jacob Mock dies.  Wrote in the 1940's Exponents a column entitled "Do You Remember?" that reminded people of the olden days of Oak Harbor.

Dec.31.1991 – Thomas Palmer retiring as President of the National Bank of Oak Harbor.

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