Your Day: Monday, December 7

Toledo Opera Guild's Holiday Walk Through the Woods: The Toledo Opera House is hosting its annual Walk Through the Woods coming up this Thursday. It is taking place in Ottawa Hills. Sign up to take a brisk walk and tour seven beautiful homes the Ottawa Hills neighborhood has to offer. You can read all about this years event and even sign up online. Click Here for more information.

Saving during the Holidays: The holidays are always an expensive season for everyone, so why not try to cut some corners where you can. On today's show we talked with "The Ultimate Cheapskate" Jeff Yeager to show us how spending smart and consuming wisely can be a lot of fun. The Savings Challenge offers practical and easy money-saving tips and challenges consumers to try out some of Jeff's ideas in their daily routines between now and Dec. 31 to see how much they can save and how much further their money goes! Each day, participants enter how much they saved (or didn't spend) in the Savings Challenge Tracker so we can track individual progress. You can read more about this challenge and how you can save during the holidays by Clicking Here.