Kerfuffle brewing over Humane Society's role in dog warden's business

By Rob Wiercinski - bio | email
Posted by Kate Oatis - email 
TOLEDO (WTOL) - The Lucas County Dog Warden's Office is in flux as folks prepare for a change in leadership.
In question is just what role the Humane Society will play in the newly configured office.
Some have called for the dog warden's office and the Humane Society to join forces. However, during a county commissioners meeting, the Humane Society's director announced it is not interested in taking over.

"We're experts in sheltering and re-housing animals. We're not the county's expert on dog licensing, vicious dogs and dog control," said John Dinon.

A proposal is before the commissioners, however, for the Humane Society to help implement the recommendations of the Dog Warden Advisory Committee.

"We would do this to ensure best practices in shelter animal management, shelter medicine adoptability assessment and adoptions and transfers of dogs to other adoption organizations," Dinon said.

It's a measure commissioner Commissioner Ben Konop supports.

While current Dog Warden Tom Skeldon's retirement is effective January 31, Lucas County dog owners will have longer than that to renew their licenses.

The commissioners have approved extending the annual registration deadline from January 31  to February 26. Each license will still cost $25.

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