Case Studies and Testimonials

"After a failed first surgery with another doctor, I was apprehensive. But Dr. Perry proved to be a wonderful listener. I am very happy with the outcome and have recommended his services to many friends and acquaintances. "

"Dr. Perry and his staff were eager to answer all of my questions and set my mind at ease. I desired a more symmetrical, natural-looking nose and Dr. Perry helped me achieve my desired look. The change was subtle, but it really brightened up my other features."

"Being a patient of Dr. Perry has been a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend his professional, kind, and caring services to all."



I am a patient of Dr Perry who had a rhinoplasty this past May. I had turned 40 and decided in needed a subtle change in my look, my nose had always been on the larger side.  When I went to Dr Perry I was confident he could help me. He took the time to explain the whole procedure, and exactly what he would do, as well as showing me a book of previous surgeries he had done. I scheduled the surgery for the following May. It went very smoothly with no complications, with a quick recovery time.  I couldn't be happier with the results. They have completely changed my look for the better.  My coworkers who I have worked with for years do not even know what I had done.  I receive many compliments daily about "how great I look," or how "pretty I look."  It has really changed my life. I began dating someone in July who I've known for a while and he can't get over "how great I look, there is something different about me!"  It has changed my life. I can't thank Dr Perry enough! He and his staff were very professional, as well as the staff at the Toledo Clinic where I had this done.  I would highly recommend Dr Perry to anyone.


"I had my rhinoplasty/septoplasty completed just before my 24th birthday and 7 months before my wedding! One of the best things I have ever done. Dr. Perry was extremely professional, thorough, and absolutely wonderful. He knew to first fix my breathing issues, then take away the hump on my nose and give me one that looks like it actually belongs on my face-and he did just that! My nose finally looks natural and I can breathe! My self-confidence increased greatly. I am so thankful I had this surgery and am truly grateful for Dr. Perry, as he did an incredible job; he is by no doubt an artist. Thank you, Dr. Perry, for changing the nose that I dreaded for years and creating one that I love; and really, making me feel like me again."

"Dr. Perry and his staff did an excellent job. Every staff member was nice and helpful. I am very pleased with my results. I am even getting compliments on my nose from people who have no clue I had a surgery. This surgery really did help my self-esteem and increased my confidence. However, most of all I am very happy that now I can breathe better through my nose and I do not have anymore headaches, which were caused by me not being able to breathe right. Thank you very much."