Council to meet on Longfellow School land swap

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Toledo City Council is bracing for a showdown Tuesday over the proposed Longfellow School land swap.

Many who live around the school don't want to see it move out of their neighborhood. If it does, they say this neighborhood will go down the tubes.

TPS is planning to relocate Longfellow Elementary from its current site on Jackman Road to a park near Start High School.

Toledo city council members will debate the Longfellow issue Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. at One Government Center. It's up to them to approve the land swap or not.

Here's how the land swap deal would work: If approved, the city would give Toledo Public Schools land it owns at Bowman Park in exchange for the school's current land.

Superintendent John Foley says the current land just isn't the best site for a new school. Still, parents have mixed feelings about the swap mostly centered around their kid's safety getting to school.

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