Hockey accident doesn’t slow down Kyle Cannon

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Kyle Cannon, an up and coming hockey player at Clay High School, took a hard hit on the ice last December and remains  in a wheelchair. But the accident hasn't slowed Kyle's motivation.

Kyle, along with his grandmother and two friends, caught their second Toledo Walleye game Saturday.

Denise Cannon, Kyle's grandmother, says he hasn't changed much. She says he's a typical 15-year-old and gives the family a hard time trying to exert himself.

"My parents tell me what to do all the time, although sometimes I don't listen," said Kyle.

Cannon is a freshman at Clay High School, but three days a week, he goes to the hospital for therapy. He has partial movement in his right arm, but a full recovery remains uncertain.

In the past year, Kyle has amassed a big autograph collection from strangers who heard about his accident. He has a stick from Kris Draper, a jersey from Chris Osgood and a picture from Ron McClain and Don Cherry of Hockey Night in Canada.

"I really like it. It's really cool that everyone heard about it and sent stuff," said Kyle.

Now, Kyle has two younger brothers starting to play hockey. But his step mom, Laurie Cannon,  isn't worried. She says what happened to Kyle was a freak accident and they family simply can't stop living.

On New Year's Day, Kyle will return to the Lucas County Arena to watch his Clay Eagles take on the Anthony Wayne Generals. Money raised will help pay Kyle's medical bills. Also, his No. 3 jersey will be retired.

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