EcoTrack 11: Port Clinton celebrates Lakefront Preserve

By Chris Vickers - email | bio
Posted by Kate Oatis - email
PORT CLINTON ( WTOL) - The public's access to the Lake Erie coast was recently enhanced with the acquisition of the new Port Clinton Lakefront Preserve, which will feature environmental opportunities for recreation and ecotourism.

"The property... will forever be a public place, a place where people can come and recreate, use the lakeshore, birdwatch and it is a fabulous asset for... Port Clinton," said Bill Carroll, with The Trust for Public Land.

A ceremony held recently highlighted both the environmental and economic benefits of the coastal land.

"Critically important right here in Ohio is access to Lake Erie. There is not a lot of access... so right here in Port Clinton you will have over almost one-half of a mile of publicly accessible lakefront," Carroll said.

The preserve is an environmental gem on the shore, but it is also a boost to Lake Erie.

"We help create healthier communities and the example here... is that wetlands, which are being preserved in this project, are the most efficient way to keep our water clean," said Kevin Joyce with the Black Swamp Conservancy.

Folks from Port Clinton are happy this preserve is part of the solution.

"I am thrilled. I have had a lot to say over the years. It is very exciting, and I hope everyone in the city understands what a beautiful gift we have now received," said City Council president Linda Hartlaub.

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