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Elmore, a special place

News 11's Joe Stoll found motorized casket racing while he explored Elmore. News 11's Joe Stoll found motorized casket racing while he explored Elmore.

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ELMORE, Ohio (WTOL) - "There's no place like Elmore," said resident Earl Avers.

It doesn't matter who you ask, everyone's hometown is special. Avers says the best part of this town with a population of 1500 is the people.

"They're just a big, big family. The whole town is," he said.

Elmore hit the map in 1851. Then, it really took off with the railroad. The old train depot has been refurbished with the original seats and ticket window in tact.

As far well-known businesses, the largest employer is Brush Wellman. One of the oldest isTank's Meats, which opened 102 years ago and is surviving the economy. They butcher their own meats and employ nearly 30 people.

Owner Marcia Amstutz said, "You know, some people have this attitude about small towns and everything, but as far as I'm concerned small towns are great."

It's not all work. In fact, Elmore residents know a way to have fun that most have probably never tried: motorized casket racing.

It all started five years ago with Elmore's mayor.

"He put some caskets together. He actually found some scratch and dent caskets and put motors in them, and we have races," said resident Rick Clarr.

It wouldn't be the first vehicle to originate there. The Elmore car was available from 1893 to 1912 and was manufactured in Clyde.

From family to the wacky, Elmore is a community residents say they will never leave.

"This is home. This is where I was born and raised," Avers said.

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