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WTOL Editorial: Tom Skeldon deserves to keep his job

Dog Warden Tom Skeldon does not deserve to be fired. He is cooperating fully with the advisory committee. Now, if he refuses to make changes, then it’s a different story. 

Let’s face it: He is in a no-win situation. His primary job is law enforcement. He is not an agent of the Humane Society. His daily job is different from that organization’s. 

He has limited resources for storing and caring for the animals that end up in the pound. The truth is that most of these animals are not Lassie. They are sick, injured, starving, neglected, old, or unsafe to be around.  And they don’t have licenses. 

The majority are animals that are the by-product of irresponsible breeding and equally irresponsible owners. And those people are the real problem.

Skeldon should be given the time to prove to his bosses, the Lucas County Commissioners, that he will follow their new guidelines.

By the way, this (watch the video) is our dog Emma. She is a Boxer and she has a license. Like all of our dogs were, Emma is part of our family. It would be great if every dog had that opportunity. Sadly, that’s never going to happen.

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