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4. Are you suffering from a recent loss (death, job, divorce) and do not know where to turn?

Harbor offers a comprehensive bereavement and loss assistance program to individuals in need.

Our clinicians assist:
Families who have lost an elder
Individuals who are grieving the death of a spouse
Individuals who are newly diagnosed with a terminal illness
Individuals who feel they have lost their identity due to a divorce
Parents who have lost their child in a traumatic event
Children who are grieving a parent
Individuals who have lost their child to suicide
Adults who have lost their job
Families who have lost their homes due to economic downfall and many other situations

How we help... Harbor will help you take your time through this process and take immediate steps to help you function in the short-term while you deal with this long-term change.

Harbor can and will help you. Call us today at  800.475.4449 or 419.475.4449
Visit us online at www.harbor.org

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