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Keeping burglars at bay with really tough screens

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Windows are often the most vulnerable break-in entries for burglars and robbers. So it's not surprising that a company has created screens they say are nearly impenetrable.

Indeed, security screens made by Tapco in Tupelo, Ms., are rated to stand up to a Class 4 hurricane, says Wilford Roberts, one of Tapco's owners.

Retired Toledo Police Sergeant Richard Murphy agrees that breaking into a home through a screen is one of the most common methods burglars use.

"You can take anything. You can take a screwdriver, you can take a box cutter knife, anything. Just make one slit in the screen and pull the screen up and you can be in within seconds," Murphy said.

Murphy watched a demonstration meant to show just how tough these screens are. The screens were shot with a pressure cannon at 50 ft. per second -- and stayed intact. Murphy said: "It looks damn good to me. I like it."

The screen has a patented steel-rod latch on the inside that makes it easier to open than some typical window screens.

But, Tapco designed the screens so a firefighter's rescue saw could cut through them.

Tapco representatives say there are about five versions of the screen. They cost approximately $350.

Insurance experts say consumers could get a discount on homeowners insurance if they use the screens.

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