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EcoTrack 11: School's keen on green

By Tara Hastings - bio | email

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Apple Tree Nursery School in Toledo is already recognized for high standards, but it's also teaching kids to live green.

Nursery Director Sherry Roush says their focus is not just about the green movement. "These children won't have a choice... about recycling, or reusing, reducing. It will be part of their life. The planet is not going to make it any other way."

The kids have learned how to recycle and reuse and also composted during the fall so they can manage their garden in the spring. They are also learning about solar power.

"We have done different things like with the solar oven. The children have made different things like nachos and cheese... Then they sit out in the sun and throughout an hour or so, the children are able to go out and watch and see what is happening," said teacher Kim Reynolds.

Indeed, seeing examples is an important concept for young children.

"I think it is never too early to start fostering green habits," said parent Melissa Gregory.

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