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Students write letters to Congress asking for cancer research

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CLYDE, OH (WTOL) - Students at Green Springs Elementary are putting pen to paper. They're writing letters and poems to Congress, dealing with the sadness of losing a friend, Alexa Brown.

Alexa, whose story News 11 followed, lost her fight against cancer in August.

And it's that connection with Alexa that can be felt in each line of letters.

"It's just an issue that really hits home here at Green Springs School," says Principal Randy Stockmaster.

"Writing the letter is inspiring," says Spencer Elfring, "because you know you're going to make a big difference."

Spencer Elfring was a friend and classmate of Alexa Brown.

For Spencer, this letter was a way to make a difference for his late friend.

"I think that if we would have had more funding, we might have had a better chance at saving Alexa's life," says Spencer. "We are the future, we can't be the future if we don't live to see the future."

And Spencer's not alone.

Each letter is written with passion by the people who are directly affected by the cancer cluster.

"I would say that cancer might be a little bit more important than what they're thinking about doing," says Hailey Warner.

"These kids," says Wendy Brown, Alexa's mother, "they seem to know what's more important than a lot of adults do."

Alexa's parents, Wendy and Warren Brown, will play a special role in delivering these letters to Congress on November 18.

Some are marked to be faxed. Others are marked for hand delivery.

"The goal is to canvas as many of the appropriations committee members as we can," explains Warren Brown.

The Browns say those committee members are key because an act to fund childhood cancer research has already been passed.

The Caroline Price Walker Act of 2008 allots more than $150 million to pediatric cancer funding.

To date, the Browns say none of that money has been appropriated.

That's why these letters mean so much.

"They're going to have so many letters of all these kids saying how important it is they make funds for cancer," says Hailey Warner.

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