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Kenwood Hearing Center Client Testimonials

"I had hearing aids when I was younger, but put them away when I entered high school. I went without them for about 20 years. They are a great improvement
in my life"

- G.M.

"It was a wonderful experience and outcome working with the staff at Kenwood Hearing Center. I have recommended you and hearing aids to several friends."
- S.M.

"The best part is I can understand people on TV."
- A.M.

"The hearing aids have definitely helped. I feel like they have given me my life back. I can attend a Board of Committee meeting again and hear what's going on. I can actually understand my grandchildren, which is wonderful. My day to day life is greatly improved. The aids are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them."
- C.S.

"Compared to the first set I bought at another place, these hearing aids are excellent. I can hear birds and crickets. I haven't been able to do that for years. Thank you!"
- R.W.

"I couldn't have had a more considerate and helpful person to fit me with my first hearing aids. Joyce went above and beyond to get me the correct hearing aids."
- L.B.

"This is my third set of hearing aids and the best of them all. They are the last things off at night and first things on in the morning after I wash my face. I am more than satisfied with Diann and plan to keep coming back as long as I live."
- W.B.

"I decided to get the best technology available and use them daily because a lot of my friends have spent a lot more money over the years on several sets of less sophisticated hearing aids and have never been happy. They've spent more over the years than I have and aren't using their aids the way I do. I am very satisfied."
- M.S.

"I kicked myself every day that I didn't upgrade my hearing aids sooner. I haven't found one situation where my new aids don't outperform my old aids. They are amazing."
- J.K.

"If you use a tool every day to do your job, you wouldn't go to the discount store and buy it. You would spend the money and buy quality. That's how I look at hearing aids. You use them every day to be a part of the world around you. It's not the place to cut corners. Get the best quality and enjoy your life."
- S.M.

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