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Diann M. Harrison, M.A., CCC-A

Diann is one of the co-founders of Kenwood Hearing Center. She and Joyce Kinker-Johnson founded Kenwood Hearing Center in 1993 after working for Drs. Blanchard, Devany, Parker and Willis for eight years. Having graduated from Bowling Green State University, she worked as an audiologist for over 24 years.

"Audiology is the perfect career for me. I am able to use my medical and science backgrounds to help individuals of all ages with their communication needs. I also have the opportunity to get to know not only the patient, but their families and help them find solutions and strategies to help improve communication. There is nothing more rewarding to me than knowing that I have helped to improve a person's quality of life by finding a hearing solution for them."

When Diann is not working, she is busy with her husband and two teenage daughters. They live on a small farm with horses, chickens and goats. Summers are busy with gardening and traveling to horse shows and cheering on the girls. Diann also is an avid cook and knitter, making gifts for her friends and family and charity knitting.

"For me, being happy and fulfilled in life is finding a balance between a rewarding career that I enjoy, and a busy home life filled with family, friends and hobbies. I think I have found that balance!"

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