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Windhaven Paws

Princess, our petite Cocker Spaniel, is our beloved pet therapy dog who was named by the residents.  Princess was aptly named because she thinks that, as a princess, everyone should cater to her whims and desires.  Although her "office" is at The Carriage House, she divides her time between all three of the houses on our campus.  Because she is vision impaired, she will always greet you with a "bark" until she gets to know you better (usually 5-10 minutes).

Socks, our exotic bird, does his squawking at The Terrace.  The residents and families enjoy stopping by and chatting with him.  Socks has lived with us for about four years, based on his life expectancy, he will probably be around for a long time.

Becky, our Border Collie, who was a great friend to the residents of The Terrace for about ten years, is resting in her stained glass doghouse on the mantle in the great room at The Terrace where residents still stop and talk to her.

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