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Total Care at the Terrace

The Terrace provides an advanced level of care.  We can accommodate anyone who requires up to 2 people to assist them with their activities of daily living.  This facility is always staffed based on the needs of our residents. 

The facility has a commercial kitchen where all meals and snacks are prepared.  We are able to meet all dietary requirements - a couple of years ago, for our residents who require pureed food, we started serving preformed food which looks much more appetizing than standard pureed food. 

We are able to accommodate the use of mechanical lifts when transferring residents from bed to chair, etc.  Of course wheelchairs and walkers are welcome at this location.

The Terrace is a single level 46 resident building consisting of private and semi-private rooms: it sits on about 5 acres of wooded land with beautiful country-like surroundings.  All of our rooms are cable ready - you can have it installed at your convenience - the cost is billed to you by the cable company.

Our fenced side yard with a patio is perfect for enjoying the outdoors.  During the summer we have umbrella tables and comfortable chairs for our residents to visit with family and friends.  Some of our residents even like to plant flowers or a tomato plant in the patio area.

The enclosed front porch is extremely accommodating for visits.  It is also a quiet retreat where a resident can sit on the wicker furniture and enjoy reading a book or magazine.

The Great room provides ample space for activities such as games, exercising, making a puzzle, reading a book or just lounging.  We have a large screen television in the dining room for the enjoyment of the residents.

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