Seismic activity causes quake and tsunami

Indonesia quake kills dozens, traps thousands

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Thousands of people are reported trapped under collapsed buildings -- including two hospitals -- in Indonesia after a powerful earthquake.

At least 75 people were killed on Sumatra island, and the death toll is expected to be sharply higher than that.

Amid heavy rain and a power outage, authorities aren't sure of the extent of the damage and casualties. Officials said the quake triggered a landslide that cut off land transport to the area closest to the epicenter.

The quake was along the same fault line that spawned the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Death toll at 99 and expected to rise after quake, tsunami waves hit Samoas

APIA, Samoa (AP) - Federal disaster officials say "tens of thousands" of people on American Samoa and Samoa will need their help after a lethal tsunami in the South Pacific.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was flying into American Samoa with food, water and repair supplies early Wednesday, and officials are anticipating the worst. Administrator Craig Fugate says "tens of thousands" of survivors will need assistance, many of whom were injured.

At least 99 people were killed after the magnitude 8.0 quake struck at 6:47 a.m. local time and sent giant waves crashing down on the islands. The quake was centered about 120 miles south of the islands of Samoa and American Samoa, a U.S. territory of 65,000.

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