Clyde students take action against childhood cancer

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CLYDE (WTOL) - Students from the Clyde School District are taking it upon themselves to raise awareness about childhood cancer by writing letters to congressional leaders asking for more funding for research.

Touched by their hard work, Warren Brown, father of Alexa Brown who sadly lost her fight against cancer, was on hand as the students organized the letters.

"Eight-hundred students wrote letters. That in and of itself brought me to tears when I started thinking about the effort behind what these young people have done," Brown said. "Alexa was a catalyst. She got this started but this is for all the children around here who have suffered through this."

The hope is, as these nearly 2,000 letters flood fax machines in Washington and district offices, lawmakers will get the message that change is necessary.

Eight of the students will be taking a personal study day to go to area businesses that have volunteered their fax lines. They'll work until every last letter is faxed.

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