Doctors offering health reform alternative stop in NW Ohio

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Dave Dykema - email

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - With the future of President Obama's health care plan in limbo, a group of traveling west coast doctors are offering another alternative health care plan.

They made a house call to a Northwood union hall Sunday to sing the praises of single pay health care. They say it's socially, fiscally and ethically responsible--quality health care that contains rising costs next time you come to the doctor's office or hospital.

The group calls itself the Mad as Hell Doctors. Its caravan is rolling across the United states from Oregon and heading to Washington, D.C.

The doc's motto: Get Mad. Stay Mad. Make History.

"I'm mad as hell because of what's going on in this country with health care," says Mark Sapir, M.D., Mad as Hell Doctor.

"How many people have to die before we take the profit out of the system?" asks another.

Single payer health care combines all money, public and private, into one single fund to pay for the care of people who get sick.

"I think it's a fiscally conservative idea. It's been shown in all the other industrial countries in the world this is the way to provide health care in the country at half the cost," says Mike Huntington, M.D., Mad as Hell Doctor.

The doctors claim the current health care system will bankrupt the country.

Everyone would be covered, just like everyone over 65 is covered by Medicare.

The problem, they say, is with Congress.

"The Congress is in the pockets of the health insurance industry. Everyone of them bought and paid for. All getting huge contributions for campaigns," says Dr. Sapir.

Still, they expect it to pass. They just don't know when.

The Mad as Hell Doctors caravan rolls into the nation's capitol on Wednesday for a big rally.

They're demanding to meet with President Obama.

Their message to him: single pay health care allows everybody in, nobody out.

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