3 target another elderly Toledo woman

By Lisa Rantala -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some neighbors want to move out of a Toledo neighborhood after another elderly woman has become a victim of violence. The 80-year-old wasn't hurt, but had quite a scare.

Recently, a Toledo woman was sentenced for breaking into a north Toledo home and killing an  83-year-old woman. Another man could soon face the death penalty for breaking into a home and killing the 88-year-old homeowner.

The most recent victim lives on Hudson St. and was in her backyard, Thursday, when she saw three young people. "I opened the door and said, 'What are you doing in my yard?'"

She says the group of two men and a woman asked to use her phone and if she lived alone. She doesn't know why she was targeted, but ran through her back door to her porch to escape, locking the first door and then her wooden back door.

When one of the men yelled for her to open the door, the victim says she knew he wanted to kill her. She saw him take out a gun and pull the trigger, but the gun was empty.

Neighbor Desiree Carr says she no longer trusts many or her neighbors. "She lost her husband not too long ago and she's going through a hard time right now, but they don't care about that."

Once the victim moves, Carr wants out of the neighborhood, too. She says she's afraid and cannot imagine what her elderly neighbor is going through.

The victim says she keep her alarm on during the day and sleeps at her daughter's house at night.

She wants the suspects caught and says there's only one reason she's still alive to tell her story. "God helped me."

Anyone with information that could help police, should call CrimeStopper at 419-255-1111.

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