Oregon student has confirmed case of H1N1

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OREGON, OHIO (WTOL) - A student in the sixth grade at Fassett Middle School has a confirmed case of H1N1.

Oregon School Board President Dr. Mike Zalar says he found out Thursday afternoon the student had contracted the virus.

School nurse Cherie Sexton says she spoke with the mother of the infected student late Thursday.

Sexton says the mother followed protocol posted on the district's web site. She kept her son home for more than a week.

"After a couple of days, the fever escalated, didn't get any better, so she took him to an emergency room... . He was then diagnosed with the H1N1 virus," said Sexton.

The school district sent a letter to parents and staff Friday. [Read the letter here.]

Zalar says the school system is following guidelines from the Lucas County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control.

Some parents were concerned Superintendent Zalar didn't send letters home Thursday, but he they sent it out as soon as information was gathered.

Some kids won't be back to school until their parents think it's safe.

Parent Barbara Ramsey says she believes the school should be closed, so it can be fully cleaned.

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