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BG to put temporary tax on Nov. ballot

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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) -- New numbers show Bowling Green faces a million dollar deficit in 2010.

The city is taking steps to fix the budget now before that million dollar problem becomes a reality.

To help turn the budget trouble around in Bowling Green, voters will see a .08 percent temporary income tax levy on the ballot in November.

"A vote yes is to maintain the quality and number of services that are currently enjoyed by the citizens of bowling green," said Lori Tretter, of the city of Bowling Green.

The city says, a vote no would cause cuts in fire, police and trash collection services in the city just to name a few.

Monday, the city's municipal administrator presented to the city council a three tier system to fix the budget.

The first two tiers outlined strategies to reduce city spending and to pay city debts differently. The third tier showed where cuts in city service come in to play.

"If it passes, those tier three items will likely not be introduced," Tretter said.

Cuts in city services may not be on the horizon, according to some voters.

"We have great services and we're very lucky and I hope there are other voters like me that feel the same way," said Jeff Sorrells.

"If they need the funds and it's only temporary than I think that would be acceptable," said Jim Konopinski, who is voting yes on the new tax levy.

"The way I look at it, if we say no, we lose," said Bill Gamble, who said he would support the new tax levy.

"I'd be interested in voting for it only because Bowling Green is such a beautiful city and I would hate to see it deteriorate because they don't have enough money to take care of it," said Erica Collins, who is voting yes on the new tax levy.

But even if the levy passes, Bowling Green may not be out of the woods completely.

"We still are anticipating a $400,000 shortfall in the 2010 budget so we're looking at some different funding strategies for some debt the city has to fund from other sources," Tretter said.

So what does a .08 income tax increase mean to your wallet?

The average tax payer making $30,000 per year would pay an extra $24 per year in income tax. A resident who makes $100,000 would pay an additional $80 per year.

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