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Jasmyn Green is a WTOL-News 11 intern who loves movies. Here's an intro to her movie blog, Say It Loud. And here is her review of The Knowing with Nick Cage.

Is knowledge always power? I think Nicolas Cage's character would disagree. His character had a piece of paper that had every catastrophe event listed under the date, with how many died or will die, and latitude and longitude. There was absolutely nothing John (Nick Cage) could do. Death is the one thing on this earth that will conquer all. It is the final destination for all living things. So, how can knowledge be power if you cannot prevent something bad from happening or at least delay the forcefulness of death. Knowledge is only power in the right situation because it is both a blessing and a curse.

The Knowing is a good movie as well as very thought provoking. It makes you think about the end of the earth (Not the end of time). Like, what happens when the earth dies or is destroyed? If you ever found a note predicting the end of life and so far everything has been accurate, would you believe it? For some people who do not have much to believe in, this movie puts a lot on the mind.

One thing that struck me as questionable were the people from another world. In the end, it turned out that their intentions were good but that did not stop my uneasy feelings towards them. They first came on as stalker-ish and did not stop until they got what they came for. Even though the people from another world were there to take the chosen people to their home in order to repopulate the earth, I still held onto my suspicions. These men had a creepy vibe to them the entire movie. Honestly, if people are of pure good intentions, they are not supposed to come off as creepy or skeptical. Even in the end of the movie, I still had doubts about their motives. I almost feel as if they were lying and it will be revealed in a sequel. That is only my own suspicion.

Another factor was when the people came down from another world; the special effects were truly out of this world. To ever witness something that remarkable would be such a great phenomenon. The only thing that can top extra terrestrial life coming to earth is when Jesus has his second coming.

Overall, this movie gets a solid four stars: special effects, excellent story line, and most of all a powerful message. Nicolas Cage definitely picked a great movie to sign onto. There are some surprise elements and better yet, the movie is anything but predictable. For those who enjoy sci-fi and/or futuristic stuff, I strongly recommend this movie.

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