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In Hot Talk today:

A Sylvania woman is getting ready to give birth to a child that isn't hers because of a mistake at a fertility clinic.

The same day Carolyn and Sean Savage found out she was pregnant, they also found out another couple's embryo had been implanted during the procedure.

"It's been exceptionally difficult but as we approach the delivery, we're trying to frame this situation as a gift to the other family. Despite the loss that we'll incur, we're bringing a new child into this world and we really believe it is a gift," Sean said.

The Savages will hand the baby over to the biological parents. They have hired a surrogate to carry one of their remaining embryos.

Doctors told Carolyn she shouldn't have another pregnancy because of health reasons.

Here's the story:

Also in Hot Talk:

A family housing an Ohio teen who ran away to Florida is being investigated.

Rifqa Bary has been living with Pastor Blake Lorenz and his family. She claims her father wanted to kill her after she converted from Islam to Christianity.

But, the Lorenz's might now be facing criminal charges for helping the girl run. A Florida judge has ordered Bary to stay away from the pastor. She is now in foster care.

Both sides are set to be back in court next month for another hearing.

What do you think about this case? Should the girl be allowed to stay with the family she ran to, despite the investigation? Or, should she just be returned to her family?

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