Archbold company donates 1,400 lbs. of pork to food bank

By Joe Stoll -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OHIO (WTOL) - The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank, on east Woodruff in central Toledo, received a donation of 1,400 pounds of frozen pork Tuesday from Archbold Elevator.

Elvira Laguna picks up food for the Temple of Praise in Defiance twice a week. She says protein is often missing from many food banks.

Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank's Barbara Grandowicz says it's wonderful to see companies take initiative. "I know they're always working to better their communities... . Through programs like this, they certainly are doing their part... to help out their communities."

The donation came at a time when the food banks got hit hard by the effects of the economy. In August, they gave out 57,000 more food items than in 2008.

"Unfortunately, the demand keeps growing so we need to keep up with that and these generous donations are the way we do that" said Grandowicz.

Ohio hog farmers expect to donate 100,000 pounds of frozen pork to the Ohio food banks by the end of April.

It's good news for folks helping the needy.

"The faster we get it out there, the sooner someone else is going to have a meal," said Grandowicz.

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