Perfect Brownie Pan: Does it Work?

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It seems every product these days has a way to make life easier, or provides a shortcut for an everyday in the kitchen. Not that it's hard to slice up brownies, but makers of the Perfect Brownie Pan say you'll get perfectly sliced brownies every time you bake with this pan.
But Does it Work?
I took the Perfect Brownie Pan and ingredients to Kris Brook's home.
"There's a lot of spray in there," she immediately notices.  That's what the directions say: coat the pan and the dividers.  We mix up the batter, Kris slides in the dividers, and then sets the timer. While the brownies bake, we notice the directions say you should slice while still warm, rather than completely cool. So, we wait five minutes, and here's what should happen. We'll drop down the sides and the bottom stays put on a pedestal so you can supposedly "bake, slice and serve" as stated in the commercial. 
And just like that - it works!
"Comes off pretty easy," Kris says as she slides the pan down to slice the brownies.
The product makers really mean it when they say "non-stick".  The insert is very slippery. The brownies are about to slide off this pedestal!
"I was very skeptical and I'm shocked the way it came out!" says Kris.
She's a little more shocked when I tell her this gadget costs almost $30 by the time you pay shipping and handling.
"I'm impressed but I don't think I'd spend $30 on it," says Kris.
Both of our practical sides come into play now. Honestly, it's not that hard to cut brownies with a butter knife. Do you really need a pan like this?
"And brownies don't have to be perfect unless you're obsessive-compulsive," Kris points out.
One last point: this gadget actually leaves a small mess behind!  Some of the mix leaked under the insert and when you drop down the pan....out come the crumbs!
"I'd give it a B for how it works, but as far as being practical, I'd give it a C," she says.
In these tight times, I'm not sure I'd splurge $30 on this, although it does work and the brownies are sliced perfectly. Still, the extra crumbs and costs convince me to go with a C+for the Perfect Brownie Pan on this Does it Work test.

I bought it online from their home page.  You can also buy it off the TV infomercial.

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