Issue 1 fails -- Toledo's $7.8 million deficit remains

By Rob Wiercinski -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo voters chose not to change the 3/4 percent income tax formula in Tuesday's primary election.

City leaders are still working to solve this year's budget crisis that involves an estimated $7.8 million operating budget deficit.

Mayor Finkbeiner says no police or firemen will be laid off, but he's looking at the possibility over the Christmas holidays.

While the mayor says there won't be any new city layoffs, new budget cuts are likely on the horizon to address the deficit.

Councilman George Sarantou says the mayor's proposal to reduce the tax credit given to Toledoans working outside the city remains strongly opposed on council.

"I do not believe council is going to support raising income taxes on people that live in Toledo and work outside the city. That would be a horrible mistake," said Sarantou.

The mayor's also not giving up on council approving a higher monthly trash fee, but council's Mike Craig says he's already voted against the trash fee that affects everyone in his district.

The head of the patrolman's union says he's not worried about police layoffs, but he is worried about voters giving the mayor $3.9 million check.

"We didn't feel he was going to lay our guys off, he simply wanted to secure those capital improvement funds to finalize his legacy, which is Marina District," said Dan Wagner.

The mayor has ideas about how to spend the $3.9 million voters decided can't be used to offset the general fund deficit.

"We're not in the business of wasting money just to spend money, but we certainly are going to look at projects that were put on hold," said Finkbeiner.

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