12-year-old Toledo girl fights off abductor

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A 12-year-old Toledo girl claims a man forced her in his car while she was walking to her bus stop.

She says it happened just after 7 a.m. Tuesday in the 3100 block of Glenwood in central Toledo at the girl's bus stop. She says a man grabbed her by her shirt and her hair.

"He usually walks in a group or with other kids going to the bus stop so I thought it was safe," said Felisha Hawkins about her son, also a student.

Police say the girl said she was stopped by a man in a red car. Then, the suspect asked the victim if she wanted a ride to school and she refused.  That's when she said he got out of his car and pulled her in. He drove for a mile or two until she was able to escape.

"What she should have done was start screaming help, help, rape or something to let us know," said Andrea Hawkins, a local parent. "We would have come out and helped her."

The two mothers offered advice so their children can stay safe.

"Always, always walk on the sidewalk," Felicia Hawkins suggested. "If a car approaches you, immediately back off."

The most vulnerable time for children is early in the morning.

"And third, never ever get in a car with anybody," Felicia added.

The mother said she has seen suspicious people hanging around the area where she lives.

"Over here you got grown men who talk to young kids," she said. "I've seen them and I tell them jail bait."

Police say parents should drive their kids to and from their bus stops.

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