Arsonists target S. Toledo homes

By Joe Stoll -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Neighbors are worried after a south Toledo house burned to the ground Wednesday morning in the 600 block of Orchard. It's the same house set on fire over the weekend.

Over just a few weeks, a half-dozen empty homes have been torched in the south end.

Residents are concerned because whoever is setting these fires is targeting multiple homes. They come back

Once the fire's put out, they come back and until the house is burnt to the ground.

Sally Calhoun, who lives next door to the house that burned, says the neighborhood is going to the dogs. "I knew what had happened, because I knew they would be back."

Bruce, a neighbor, said he has an abandoned home next to his house and is scared when he goes to bed at night. "I think it's just kids that have no respect... for other people's lives."

Firefighters believe Wednesday's fire was clearly a case of arson.

Toledo's Assistant Fire Chief Luis Santiago said arsons occur all over the city, but the south end has been hardest hit.

He also said safety is a major issue. Whether it's a homeowner or a firefighter, someone could get hurt.

Santiago urged neighbors to be on guard at all hours. He believes it will just be a matter of time before someone is apprehended.

Call CrimeStopper to report any information about arson or any crime at 419-255-111. You can remain anonymous.

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