Dip in auto sales could mean loss of jobs for county workers

By Joe Stoll - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

(WTOL) - Lucas County could be laying off workers if auto sales don't start going up.

Since 2007, new car titles have dropped in Lucas County by more than 3,600. And 1,000 fewer titles were issued on used vehicles bought at dealerships. Also, car sales like those between you and your neighbor are down more than 2,300.

This hurts the county because the county makes most of its money from the sales tax on every car sold.

"With that going down, there's not as much money to use in the county as there was years ago," Quilter said.

Quilter must trim more than $200,000, equivalent to about seven workers. He hopes dealers start offering more incentives so the money starts filling up the coffers.

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