Tough times just make this Liberty Center family stronger

HENRY COUNTY (WTOL) - Tough times take a toll on families. But when both parents aren't working and there are kids involved, the situation can turn from difficult to almost hopeless.

Not for Jason and Tabitha Pontious, however. These two are committed to triumphing over whatever life gives them.

Jason is a national guardsman who served in Kuwait. Tabitha is a mother of two with a degree in medical assisting. They're a close family with four mouths to feed -- and no jobs.

"It's like I came back to a whole new country. We were doing fine before I left," Jason says about what he felt upon arriving home.

Tabitha agrees the situation is worrisome.

"The hardest part about it is just trying to survive every day, making sure we have enough for the kids and making sure we have a home for them, too," Tabitha says. "We spend pretty much every day, all day looking for jobs."

Now their situation is even more serious: They just found out they're expecting their third child.

"We are worried about whether or not we will be able to support three kids," Tabitha says.

Jason doesn't like to see his wife worry, so he came up with a plan to distract her.

"I got her playing Xbox with me. Me and some of my buddies overseas had an Xbox and they got me started on the Halo game."

It's an escape from reality this family enjoys because they know this tough time is just a bump in the road.

Their third child arrives in February.