WTOL Editorial: Issue 1 needs to pass

Issue 1 is confusing. And the political posturing and heated rhetoric on both sides haven't helped.

If passed, Issue 1 gives city council the right to take unspent money from the capital projects fund and use it to balance the 2009 budget. If the budget isn't balanced by Dec. 31, Toledo could be in fiscal emergency.

Mayor Finkbeiner told me if Issue 1 passes, the streets are going to get even bumpier. There won't be much money for re-paving, or sidewalk and curbs repair.

Supporters of Issue 1 have branded their support as Safety First. They say the money will prevent inevitable police and firefighter layoffs.

I'm not sure the huge number of layoffs would happen, and I don't like that scare tactic much.

But the budget needs to be balanced. If it isn't, the new mayor comes into office with an unfair deficit hanging around his neck.

This is not about who is right or wrong. There is plenty of blame to go around for mismanaging this budget.

As much as I am troubled by voting to fix budget mismanagement by approving what looks like further mismanagement, I have not seen another viable way to balance the budget.

Issue 1 needs to pass.