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With Mika's help, he's fighting blight in his neighborhood

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - East Toledo resident John Grel lives in the 500 block of Woodville Rd. He's surrounded by abandoned properties, prompting him to call the city for help.

"I like to have a nice house and I like it to look as nice as I can have it," says Grel.

Lately, it seems his efforts haven't mattered. In fact, four abandoned homes and businesses stand within feet of each other and his home.

Further, Grel says people dump trash between the houses, which he can see from his property. And the stench is making him angry.

Also, making him upset are the people parading in and out of the homes.

Grel has reported the homes, obvious fire hazards, to the city all summer. The fact that nothing's been done is not fair to the longtime, taxpaying resident.

Grel says he feels condemned to live in the neighborhood. He can't sell his home.

"Get them condemned and tore down," says Grel.

A Note from Mika Highsmith

I called the city and they'll send and inspector out. One home is listed to be demolished; the others will have to be resolved. No one wants to see this mess in their neighborhood. Call the Department of Neighborhoods at 419-245-1400 -- and if that doesn't work, call me at 419-255-2255.

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