Endangered Sumatran rhino dies at Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI (AP) - An endangered Sumatran rhino has died at the Cincinnati Zoo, a setback to a program that successfully produced the first calves born in captivity in more than a century.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden says Emi (EM'-ee), a 21-year-old Sumatran rhino that had been at the zoo for 14 years, died Saturday after appearing less energetic for several weeks. Emi produced three calves at the zoo, including Andalas, born in 2001, the first Sumatran rhino bred and born in captivity since 1889.

Zoo Director Thane Maynard says Emi led the way in the effort to establish a successful captive breeding program for this critically endangered animal. The zoo plans tests on Emi to determine exactly why she died.

The zoo says Emi had appeared less energetic and had a diminished appetite since March.