Jemison will get max of 5 years if convicted in Brundage death

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - It was one line from Lucas County Judge Connie Zimmelman: "The state of Ohio has failed to meet its burden of proving that Dailahntae Jemison is not amenable to treatment or rehabilitation within the juvenile system."

Dailahntae Jemison is now 16 and could be 21 when freed if he is found guilty for the murder of 66-year-old Robert Brundage.

If tried as an adult, he may never have got out of prison at all.

The guardian of Jemison told reporters, "We can't speak for how he's feeling, but we're glad the decision has been made."

Prosecutors say the teenager punched Brundage off his bike in June to steal it. They say Brundage's fall later killed him.

Jemison's father said, "I would just like to say that my condolences go out to the Brundage family."

The attorney for the teen argued he had no prior record, and the psychiatrist on the case opposed the adult court transfer.

And at one point, the defense even said this is the outcome Brundage would have wanted himself. We asked Brundage's brother. "He is for giving someone a second chance," said Dick Brundage. However Dick supported having the teen certified as an adult. "If, however, he follows the statistics and commits further crimes, then it's another example of the system's failure."

Dick Brundage feels the system gives juveniles too much favor, and he wants the laws to change.

For now, he only wants Jemison to make amends. "I think the main thing is that if this fellow can truly turn his life around and make something of himself, then we will feel relieved."

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