Your natural gas bill may be going down

By Colleen Wells - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Firing up the heaters is just around the corner. The thought already has consumers thinking about the bill. "You have to watch everything these days. You watch your heat," said Toledo resident Lucy Kneher.

There may be some financial relief. As natural gas prices continue to drop, Chris Kozak of Columbia Gas said, "Low energy costs are really a silver lining in our current economic state. It's a simple supply and demand. We have low demand right now for energy, and natural cost, specifically, and there's low cost associated with that."

Kozak said their August monthly gas rate was the lowest it's been in nine years. Checking with northwest Ohio's distributors, we found Columbia Gas is currently charging 54 cents per hundred cubic feet (ccf). That's about half of what is was charging at this time last year.

  • Suburban Natural Gas serving Wood County around BG is charging 58 cents per ccf.
  • Ohio Gas serving our western region near Defiance is at 83 cents per ccf.
  • Waterville Gas Company serving the Waterville area is the lowest this month at 47 cents per ccf.

Does this mean you'll see lower rates as natural gas prices fall?

"The right factors in are place right now to see bills continue to fall, and that's going to be positive for the consumers as well. A couple hurricanes, a really cold winter- we don't know what lies ahead for us, but we are in a good position to see lower bills as we move forward," said Kozak.

That's good news for consumers already dreading the bill.

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