'They stole my TV and my window's still broke'

By Mika Highsmith -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's not the best neighborhood, but the thief didn't have to do much to get into a Toledo home three weeks ago. The window he got in through is still broken and the renter worries she could be victimized again.

Suzette Daniel says her window doesn't lock and has been broken since she moved in.

Her landlord told her she was going to fix it, but five months later it's still not sealed and the actual window is made of plastic, not glass. And when she calls her landlord, Daniel says she doesn't get an answer

After already taking a loss on the 42 in. stolen LG TV, she can't afford to lose again.

"My concern is I have two little boys sleeping in here at night. Anyone can come into this window," says Daniel.

Boards are blocking the window for the moment, but that's not a solution.

There are two lessons. Police say to make sure and have renters insurance. Second, get something in writing if a repair is supposed to be made by certain date. If the issue remains, go to housing court and put your rent money in an escrow account.

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