Trans Siberian Orchestra's big secret (part 2)

A Little Secret the Orchestra Doesn't Publicize

Mark emailed the orchestra's website, and received a surprising response: There are actually two Trans Siberian orchestras touring the US this holiday season.

He says "they claim the shows are so popular, they now have multiple groups serving the different cities."

It's not unusual. The Rockettes you see on tour are not the same Rockettes performing at Radio City in New York. And Riverdance at one point had three US tours at the same time!

But Mark says this is a bit different from the Rockettes. He wants to see the original Trans Siberian members play, with the group's founder....not replacements.

Mark used a rock and roll analogy. He says "if I were to buy tickets to the rolling stones and found Mick Jagger had a substitute, I wouldn't not be happy with those tickets either!"

The Bottom Line

There's nothing wrong with multiple tours at the same time. It allows a much greater number of people to see the show, compared with just one touring group.

The two Trans Siberian tours are put together to be of equal high quality, with neither better than the other.  And this is the only way fans in so many cities can see them during the Holiday season:  after all, few people want to see Christmas music in April.

Bottom line: you are not paying to see a specific star, Like Elton John, with the group or a specific conductor.
But if you're a purist, it's something to think about before you open your wallet.

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