Don't Waste Your Money: Trans Siberian Orchestra's big secret

(WTOL) - This is the time of year many of us buy tickets for holiday season concerts and shows.

Among them, a performance that's become more popular every year: The Trans Siberian Orchestra.

But before you buy your seats, theres a little secret about the group -- that it does not publicize on its website -- you may not know.

When Mark Haverkos heard they were touring again this year...he says "I went to their website, looked at the touring dates for this fall."

But when he went to buy his tickets, he noticed something strange.

Mark says "there was another tour for another city for the same date. I thought that was an error. I saw they were playing Friday December 18 in Louisiana, and the same exact date in Cincinnati.

Then he discovered the same thing over and over: Cleveland and Little Rock the same day, Pittsburgh and Memphis, Columbus and another city the same day, again and again.

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