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GoodNewZ: BG restaurant honors son's memory

Ben Pirooz Ben Pirooz

By Andrew Z. 

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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - For lots of businesses, surviving in this economy hasn't been easy. But Ben's Table, located at 1021 South Main St. in Bowling Green, is thriving.

The restaurant was inspired by owner Deb Pirooz's son's death from a rare form of cancer in 2000. Pirooz knows her son's spirit lives on through her cooking and in all the folks that come into the restaurant.

"He wanted to go to culinary school and that's when he became sick. He didn't get to go, so I did it for him," says Pirooz.

She opened the restaurant in 2004 and says "it's a win-win situation and I've met so many wonderful people through this restaurant."

She also says coming out of retirement to open her son's restaurant has been the best thing for her.

"I was kind of wandering around, traveling, didn't have a purpose or a plan so I think this is God's way of putting me on track again," says Pirooz.

Pirooz says she feels Ben is smiling down on her, his family and his restaurant and that he's still with her saying, "'Mom, don't let anyone forget me.'"

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