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Your Day: Tuesday, September 1

Imagination Station: The new science center in Toledo is getting ready to open. Formerly known as COSI the new center called "The Imagination Station, " is a state of the art center for children and adults alike. We got a sneak peak at the new center today. For more information on the Imagination Station Click Here.

Sugar Ad Campaign: We all know how much sugar is in soft drinks, right? 17 teaspoons of sugar go into every 20 oz can of pop. So, is there something that could make you stop drinking it. A new ad campaign is aimed at trying to do just that. Click Here to see their new advertisements.

Mom Humor: Moms have the hardest jobs out there. They're cooks, chauffers, tutors, and sometimes - most importantly - cheerleaders. But, who encourages the ultimate family supporter? We were joined by Tina Neidlein for some ideas on how moms can help other moms with a little humor. Click Here for more information.

Pitbull: We spoke with one of the hottest hip hop artists in the country on today's show. Pitbull stopped by to talk about his new CD and the tour accompanying it. You may know his song, "I Know You Want Me." For more on Pitbull Click Here.

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