EcoTrack 11: ODOT receives state's first green fleet award

By Chris Vickers -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Even though much of Northwest Ohio will be covered in snow this winter, it will feel much more green.

This August ODOT received Ohio's first green fleet status for their nearly 800 snowplows that will run using alternative fuel.

The key to the new plan is bio diesel fuel. Over the past year, ODOT purchased more than 1.8 million gallons of bio diesel for its fleet statewide.

ODOT District 2 has 126 dump trucks that run bio diesel in about 80 percent of those trucks.

ODOT's Dennis Boyle has been driving a plow for 14 years. He's happy Ohio and other government agencies are making their fleet and facilities more environmentally friendly

"Bio diesel is made in Ohio, as well in different locations, so it is good to buy... the product made in Ohio," says Boyle.

The changeover to the cleaner burning fuel required very little effort.

Boyle says the ODOT Wood County garage has two fueling stations. One for diesel and one for bio diesel fuel.  When they converted to bio diesel, they just needed to change out a fuel filter.

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