Fatal shooting leads police to drug operation

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Investigators are still searching for clues after 200 marijuana plants and a dead man were found in a Sylvania home.

28-year-old Louis Mason died from two gunshot wounds at suspect Clay Hausenfleck's home on Williamsburg Drive in the neighborhood of Lincoln Woods.

Sylvania Police Chief Sobb said Hausenfleck called 9-1-1 Friday, Aug. 28., around 1 a.m. and told dispatchers he shot and killed a man who broke into his home.

This violence has left some Sylvania residents wondering how a large-scale marijuana growing operation went unnoticed in their community.

Retired Toledo Police Sergeant Richard Murphy says no neighborhood is safe and there are several things people should be on the lookout for if they suspect drug activity in their neighborhood.

"The occupant of the house... is not going to be friendly with his neighbors. Second, are there cars coming and going at all hours? That could be a sign of illegal activity" said Murphy. He also said drug growers will sometimes have lights on in their basements day and night.

Scott Jacoby and his family live next-door neighbors to the shooting suspect, Clay Hausenfleck.

"They were friendly. Kids played with the neighborhood kids, it was a regular family," said Jacoby.

Jacoby says they used to talk over the fence and it wasn't uncommon for his son Alex to play at Hausenfleck's.

Alex Jocoby said when the family first moved in, he visited their home and was told not to go into the basement. He said Hausenfleck had the door padlocked, so even if the kids wanted to, they couldn't get inside.

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