EZ Grill: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(WTOL) - No need to load up the grill when camping or tailgating.  Just bring along the portable and lightweight EZ Grill, if it works.  Mike Rush serves as our Grill Master and tester for this product.
"We like to go camping every third weekend or something like that," he says.
But Mike and his family don't often cart the grill, saying it's sometimes just too much because of the other camping items they tote along.  They'd love to have more outdoor BBQ's and the EZ Grill could be just the answer.  Supposedly, there's no mess; it lights with one match; and it can cook up to an hour and a half.  Plus, after it cools, it's disposable.
Mike lights up a match. Basically, the EZ Grill is a foil pan with a mesh screen.  A paper bag inside contains charcoal and lighter fluid.  By the way, do shake up the charcoals so they'll spread out and light an even fire.
"So far, it seems to be pretty easy.  Heat looks good," he says.
The flames are kicking.  You'll want to keep a close eye on this, especially if the grill is on a table where a child could easily reach it.  Watch your surface. Don't put this on a plastic table.  We feel underneath.  While it's not as hot as you might think, where you place this grill is key.

We're starting out with shish kabobs.  About 15 to 20 minutes later, the charcoals are starting to look ashy and the flames are dying down a bit, indicating the grill is ready to go. 

"It's hot--definitely puts out heat," he says.
We can't wait to dig in and eat!  Once the ends look a little char broiled, we pull 'em off the EZ Grill.
"Pretty tasty!" we say.
No lighter fluid taste either, believe it or not.  While we dine on our feast, we want to see how long this grill really holds up.  We place nine hamburger patties on the smoking' grill.  The large Party Grill we're using here is about 12X18 inches.
"It's a bigger surface than I thought to cook on," says Mike.

You can get two of these for $20 off www.ezgrill.com.  A smaller grill is four for $20.  It's about the size of an 11X9 baking pan.

Back to cooking, once again, no lighter fluid taste.  The hamburgers are tasty.  The EZ Grill looks like it could go for 30 more minutes or so.  It is starting to droop a bit in the middle.
"I'd say I'm pretty pleased with it," he says.
The best part -- once this cools off, we simply throw it away.  You can also put out the flames with water or dirt.
It's an easy decision for Mike whether he'd pack the EZ Grill next time his family goes camping.
"Rather than having to drag your big grill something like that, I'd definitely use it," he says.

I'm only taking it down a notch because right now I can only find this product online and not in local stores just yet.  Still, it's an easy A minus for the EZ Grill on this Does it Work test.  Buy it at www.ezgrill.com.  Shipping is about $10, so include that in your costs when estimating.

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