New details revealed to ID Ottawa County murder victim

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - The marina murder remains a mystery. Investigators still have no idea who the woman was that was found in shallow water at Lamberjack Marina in Carroll Township. However, autopsy photos may help identify her.

"We don't know who she is. We are exhausting every possible computer system available to law enforcement," says Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton.

New details

The autopsy revealed the woman was covered with tattoos. Two specific tattoos could lead to her identify. The name 'Tonio' is inscribed on the left arm above the wrist.

Also. a five-point star with a starburst design was found on the left front shoulder. It's identical to the one on the right shoulder.

Another detail revealed is that the victim had a belly button piercing with a small chain that contained five flower designs. The piece of jewelry is about three inches long.

Cause of death

The autopsy of the body found in the marina reveals a cause of death but authorities won't reveal what it is.

Also, the autopsy shows the victim was killed elsewhere, tied up and thrown in the water. She was weighted down with cement blocks.

Nine people have been questioned. "As for suspects, we don't have a suspect yet," says Bratton.

Contact the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department at 419-734-4404 with information about this case.

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