Start High School achieves 'excellent' rating from State of Ohio

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Kids at Start High School have proof that hard work pays off. They start the school year knowing that they did so well on the Ohio Graduation Test that their school has achieved an excellent standing with the State.

It was in Start that Toledo Public School (TPS) leaders celebrated the results of its latest report card. The district is in good standing for a second year in a row and has achieved a continuous improvement rating.

Report cards for schools released by State of Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - There's good news and bad news in the latest rankings of Ohio's schoolchildren.

Data released Tuesday show overall student achievement returned to a 10-year high last year and that more schools and districts were rated effective or higher.

However, test scores in the 5th and 8th grades - entry points to middle and high schools - failed to meet targets in reading, math, science and social studies. The statewide graduation rate also failed to meet its target, and the Youngstown schools fell into academic emergency. It is the first district to receive the state's lowest ranking since 2004.

New state superintendent Deborah Delisle says the rankings will serve as a benchmark for judging an overhaul of the state's ailing public school system that Gov. Ted Strickland has championed.

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The designations are:

Excellent with Distinction: For at least two years, this district or school received "above" expected gains on its value-added scores.

Excellent: The school or district received high ratings on every measure.

Effective: This designation means there's some room for improvement, but this district or school still performs well on most measures.

Continuous Improvement: This designation tells you that some students are struggling, perhaps one or two groups, but that overall the district or school is meeting expected levels. 

Academic Watch: This rating tells you that there is progress being made in some areas, but some definite areas of weakness must be strengthened.

Academic Emergency: This rating tells you the school or district is experiencing problems in many areas, and immediate changes must take place.

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